Friday, June 13, 2008

Travelling Home

This weekend, I will be traveling to mother Malawi where I will be working from for a coupole of months. I must say I am excited to be getting back home after another year of sojourning in this part of the world.
It promises to be a great time to be in Malawi, to observe political events as they unfold. I hope to be sharing my thoughts and take on political events at home on this forum.
While I am excited to be traveling home, I will miss the US presidential campaign and will also be missing the elections in November. And while I will be returning to the US after the November elections, this will unfortunately also mean that I will be missing the Malawi elections of May next year. for one who thrives in the heart of politics, this double miss is going to be a pain, but I will make sure to follow developments in whatever way I can. for all my friends in Malawi, see you soon.


Mzati said...

Welcome home Bon. We need your voice to guide the political terrain. Some of the voices we have really lack insights and I was missing you a lot.

The media, for your information, has been invaded by 'political commentators' who lack historical perspective. Once a person writes a proposal and registers an NGO, they become analysts. Really? Is that all it takes to become an analyst?

On elections, it means you can register in Malawi and we have to fight for a way those in the Diaspora can vote. This should be possible in these days of technology.

My advice? Register in August.


Mzati Nkolokosa

Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda. said...

I hope that you had a safe trip back to the land of the Lake.Wishing you all the best in your work there in Malawi.I envy you.Two weeks from now, I will clock three months old here in Tokyo. I already missing Malawi big time.

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