Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bordering on Giving Up....

I have very fond memories growing up in the Thyolo Tea plantations, running to school in the mist of cold mornings in our green and khaki school uniforms...
Now, because someone with questionable sanity usurped the trust of Malawians and turned it into a tool for nepotism, all of us Thyolo people are being caricatured as nepotistic individuals. In the spirit of the old Chewa proverb, nsomba ikaola imodzi, zonse zaola (when one fish is rotten in the basket, chances are all are rotten), all of us Lomwe people from Thyolo are- understandably - painted in the same brush.
One wonders what the future holds for the current generation of young minds currently running to their schools in the same tea plantations we used to wonder in days gone by: Will they forever be perceived in the lens of their ethnicity? Will they be trusted again? Will they have to pay for the sins of this our generation? Will they be given the opportunities we have been fortunate to have?
The pronouncements of the Man who is supposed to be Chancellor of the University of Malawi and his defence of the Inspector General's despicable actions, makes our jobs all the more difficult. I am sure it makes the job of the professional managers of the University more difficult as his pronouncements and decrees make dialogue impossible. Or does he really care?
Now, I am beginning to question, do I want to go back to that? How can I seriously go and stand in front of my students and have to censor what I teach? Indeed, Can I even go back when my closest friend and colleague has been as badly treated as Blessings has been? Indeed, are our services even needed at all?
One thing I know for sure is that I will not give in to threats. Like my colleagues, I refuse to be intimidated.
I am passionate about my country. It has given me so much and there is not enough I can give back in return....But maybe, it is time to reconsider whether the country needs what little I have to offer. Maybe I should start looking at those classified ads sections again and look for opportunities elsewhere?

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Born face,
I believe that we want u here more today than we would have wanted u yesterday. There is a whole lot of Malawians working hard in villages, in banks, in NGOs to lift this country up. There are a number of young ones in Thambani, in Wenya studying under koloboyi to get to colleges and be taught by sharp minds like yourself. U can't ignore these people. These people are more important than a single, very old person who will not be around few years from. Think about this.

Ephraim Nyondo
Features Writer
The Nation