Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The World is Watching Mr President Mutharika - Change

From the Editorial entitled "Wake up wa Mutharika" in Mmegi newspaper of Botswana, April 6, 2011:

"Mr president it is most outrageous of you to say that demonstrations are a privilege and that you want demonstrators to pay between K2.5 million to K5 million (P108,300-P542,000) to stage a demonstration. From what is happening in the Arab world, you know what happens to leaders who repress the human soul. Finally we call on you Mr president to respect the rule of law. The wanton disregard for court orders by your regime is proof that you have derailed in a big way. It is time for you to introspect and go back to the people of Malawi with a view to making amends. Our brothers and sisters in Malawi and SADC cannot afford to have a failed state and it is upon you to ensure that they will not"

read the entire comment on the Mmegi Online website at:
Mmegi Online: Wake up wa Mutharika

...and let he who has ears hear!!

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