Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Joyce Banda would win an election in June 2012- Afrobarometer survey results show

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2012, the Afrobarometer (AB) released its first results from the Malawi survey. The Malawi survey, the fifth in the country,  was undertaken over a four week-period in June 2012 and sampled a total of 2,400 adult Malawian citizens. This sample size has a margin of error of +/-2% at the 95% confidence interval.
Respondents were randomly selected, with every adult citizen in the country having an equal chance of being selected. Face to face interviews were conducted in Chichewa and Tumbuka over a period of four weeks.
The first release event, which was led by the Afrobarometer National Investigator in Malawi, Dr. Maxton Tsoka of the Center for Social Research (CSR) of the University of Malawi, and Mr. Joseph Chunga from the Department of Political and Administrative Studies at Chancellor College,  covered the following topics: public attitudes on civil society and NGOs; attitudes on the rights of women, children , people with disabilities and homosexuals. Lastly, the presentation looked at partisan identity in the country; voting intentions and opinion on crossing the floor.
Here are excepts of some of the findings:
More Malawians are going to CSOs/NGOs to assist with their development problems than government officials:

A majority of Malawians think that teachers should not use corporal punishment to discipline pupils:

A plurality of Malawians say that they would vote for the People's Party presidential candidate if an election were held in June 2012:


Peter Nkosi said...

Could you post the original link to this Afrobarometer survey, please.

I see that Nyasa Times is reporting this story, but one can never trust their interpretation of the truth, that is why I want to see the original results. So far, googling is failing to turn up the original source.

Thank you

Boni Dulani said...

Peter, the results have not been posted on the Afrobarometer website yet. If you send me your e-mail address and I will forward you the presentation that was made on Tuesday.

Unknown said...

a paramount; i was going to ask for the link as peter has done. people will want to read the actual survey report. i've tweeted it already, and have also posted on the malawi forums.

steve s

Boni Dulani said...

Peter and Steve: we have posted the power point slides that were presented on Tuesday in Lilongwe on the Afrobarometer website:

Boni Dulani said...

one more thing: I can also share a copy of the questionnaire- it has more than 300 questions on a range of issues.

Peter Nkosi said...

Boniface: Thanks for posting the link to the Afrobarometer presentation. It will be interesting to go through the website in detail, especially the most recent survey.

I have a major moan about the same-sex question which Afrobarometer seem to have put to those surveyed. Whatever the question, the stated result is:

"More than 9/10 Malawians (94%) disagree with the proposition that people practicing same sex marriage or relationship (SSMR) have the right to do so." This leads to the obvious conclusion that "Malawians of different backgrounds and residence overwhelmingly disapprove of gay marriages and relationships."

Sorry, but I think that it was absurd to mix SSM and SSR together; they should have been dealt with separately, and then we could have had an idea to what extent various homosexual relationships are acceptable. Relationships can range from loving with no sex TO living together/married with anything-goes-sex. Given a single question, myself I would have been forced into the 94% majority, and felt really uncomfortable about it. SSM is highly contentious even in the liberal First World and depending on where and what you read, you can find that up to ~65% do not approve of it. On the other hand SSR there is legal and mostly accepted.